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Actresses of the 1990s

  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Two of the industry's wealthiest actresses - each are worth about $76 million. In the year 2002 alone, they raked in over $1 billion from their various endeavours, including their clothing line with Wal-Mart and their many different movies (two came out in 2002). They started at the young age on Full House, and have worked their way up to becoming two of the most famous people in Hollywood.


  Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, one sixth of the ensemble cast of NBC's stellar sitcom Friends, has practically become a friend to the millions of viewers tuning every Thursday night. Born on February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California and raised in New York, Aniston was no stranger to the world of acting. Among her acting talent, one of Aniston's passions is painting, and one of her creations was even displayed in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art when she was 11. It took a while for Aniston to get roles, until her agent suggested she lose some weight. Unfortunately, none of her television gigs were anything worth catching, as most of the shows were not big hits. Aniston's big break came in 1994, when she was cast as Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends, part of NBC's "Must See TV" line-up. The always fashionable, sometimes ditzy and loyal friend, Rachel became a household name, as viewers (mostly female) would anxiously watch to see if Ross and Rachel would finally get together. Aniston became known for her hairstyle, which eventually became known as the Rachel 'do and became practically the standard hairstyle among women. She married Brad Pitt (pictured with Aniston) on July 29, 2000 on an ocean bluff.


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